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Speakers/InstructorsJudah Fellowship, Inc. is a non-profit ministry-based organization designed to provide teaching and give direction in the area of Praise and Worship in the local church. Our vision is to define, establish and strengthen the concepts of Praise and Worship in the Body of Christ and to the Nations.

Our sole purpose is to lead believers to a place of pure worship to the Father. Our desire is to sharpen the tools that are needed to carve a place in worship and stay there. We will no longer be satisfied to kiss His presence and walk off, but we"ll clutch it; even hold on to it because our lives will depend upon it. Only true worshippers have purposed within their hearts to evolve into vessels who want more than temporary goose bumps and warm tingles, but to transform into those who desire all the days of their lives to dwell in the blessed place, in His presence, and in His glory. Worship is no longer what we do, but who we are!

PraisersIn 1990, Judah Fellowship, Inc. was birthed under the auspices of Elder Felicia A. Brooks while she served as a member of Grace Tabernacle Christian Center in Fayetteville, NC. At that time she began to bring the Christian community together on a bi-monthly basis to teach fundamental truths as it related to the ministry of Praise and Worship.

DancersJudah Fellowship, Inc. operates under the leadership of Bishop Ralph L. Dennis. Bishop Dennis is CEO and President of R.L. Dennis Ministries. R.L. Dennis Ministries is a fellowship built on the foundation of covenant. The Ministries follow the paradigm of father-son relationships in providing covering to those who desire an apostolic impartation. It is comprised of men and women of God who desire accountability, commitment, support, and loyalty. Bishop Dennis is also the Presiding Prelate of Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries, Inc. Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries is a fellowship of ministries, churches, and Para-church ministries knitted together by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of spiritual covering.

The Lord has blessed us with spiritual leaders that have been instrumental in birthing us into levels of worship and we strive to operate in that call.

We have shared various attributes of this ministry in correctional facilities, nursing homes, children shelters, and the local church. We are looking forward to the birthing of the Refuge Center. The Center will lend natural and spiritual support to single parents, physically and mentally abused individuals, rape victims and to the homeless. Throughout the diverse arenas of service, the common thread that can be found points back to providing opportunities for growth and healing of the total man through the profound effects of worship.

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