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Elder Felicia A. Brooks, President/CEOIf you carry the mantle of a worshipper, surely you must sense great anticipation that God's glory will be manifested again in the Earth and that His people will be blessed in a measure that exceeds all expectations. As we prepare to receive maximum benefits from this venue of worship, we must create a fertile atmosphere for GOD to release Himself. Once this environment is established, His glory will be released, and we will be permitted to dwell therein. One's most intimate, passionate, and satisfying moments are found in the time of worship and communion with Christ. This is often perceived as an occasional experience or an occurrence that happens only when we engage Him.

But be clear, as we shift from merely "Experiencing His Glory" to "Dwelling in His Glory", it is in this phase that we transition from simply coming in contact with His glory to abiding there. We move from encountering it, to a state of residency; from bumping into His glory to citizenship; from stumbling into it to staying in it. Just as David spoke about dwelling in the secret place of the most High and abiding under the shadow of the almighty, so does shifting from "experiencing" to "dwelling" convey the notion that God's presence is to be continually practiced for daily and eternal triumph.

The mission of Judah is to provoke a progression that illustrates the difference between Orpah and Ruth in relationship to Naomi; a progression that articulates to God that we will not be satisfied to kiss His presence and walk off, but we will hold on to it because our lives depend on it. Our desire is to evolve into a people who want more than temporary goose-bumps and warm tingles. We want to transform into people who desire to dwell in the blessed placed, in His presence, in His glory, for the rest of our lives.

Our sole purpose and desire is to lead every believer and non-believer alike to the throne of Grace to offer worship unto the Father. You are invited to receive and sharpen the tools you will need to carve your place in worship and stay there. Welcome to your new residence. God has given you the keys to abide with Him. Will you use them?

In Him,

Felicia A. Brooks


Judah International Fellowship
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