Worship Thoughts

Prophetic Worship and a Priestly Life

What is the difference between "worship" and "prophetic worship?" Of course, everything that we do in life should be an act of worship to the Lord. So worship is not rooted in what we do, but in who we are. We are worshippers. The Father is looking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. That occurs as we realize who we are. We are His priests. The priestly life is in devotion, consecration and heart commitment to the Lord through a life of worship. Everything we do should flow out of who we are. And as we realize who we are we will be and do all that God has called us to do living a life of worship in a natural flow before Him.

Prophetic worship is mentioned in the context of "Davidic worship." Davidic worship is referring to the psalmist ministry that is patterned after the life of King David or David, the Shepard boy. David began his life in consecration to the Lord worshipping out in the field with the audience of One. The Lord was his passion. He expressed that passion to the Lord through instrument and song, lifting his voice to the One who is the source of all things.

So with Davidic worship being the foundation to understand prophetic worship, we can move on from there. Prophetic worship can be, of course, with or without instruments. It has to do with following the Holy Spirit in the spirit of psalmistry. The prophetic song is the "new song." It is a song that the Lord desires to release. It can be a prophetic word released in the context of melody.

Prophetic is a word that the natural mind is not comfortable with. The reason being is because our heads like to have everything figured out in advance so that we don't have to trust God to lead us by faith. But our spirit man only operates and gets true release when we walk by faith and not by sight, the natural mind. So we are exhorted to sing to the Lord "a new song!" Paul, the apostle, even tells us to teach one another by singing to one another in psalms, hymns and "spiritual songs." So prophetic worship could be another name for "spiritual songs" that flow from the spontaneity of our connection with the Holy Spirit.

There is a greater release of the Spirit when we move into this realm of faith and trust. Just like in anything this life we must trust the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us. If we only operate in those areas that make us feel comfortable we won't grow in faith. So the Holy Spirit likes to stretch us and expand the borders of our tents. In this way we grow to experience and carry greater measures of His Presence in our lives.

Prophetic Worship gives breakthrough because of our hungering for the fresh/now word that God desires to speak to us. He always wants to have fresh communication with His children. It is His desire to continually give us fresh manna. Jesus is the bread from heaven. We have access to partake of Him continually. The Blood of Jesus made access once for all and gives us permanent access to the Throne of God to experience Him continually. The problem is never on God's end. It is our light of understanding that enables us to experience Him regularly.

It is a constant dependence on Him that graces us to be continually in tune with His heart. So prophetic worship is the psalmist's way of walking that out in Davidic worship through instrument and song. It is about hearing the voice of God, flowing with the wind of the Spirit and speaking what one hears from that place before His Throne.


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